Brett founded Effective Study Solutions in 2008 specializing in academic coaching for students.

Specifically focusing on study skills, organization, planning, and time management, ESS found its’ stride while working with youth in middle, high school, and college. She was the first academic coach hired at Eckerd College, which now has an entire Academic Success center with coaching.  It was during this time working at Eckerd, that Brett discovered the field of school psychology and realized that she wanted to pursue advanced studies in this area to better equip her ever growing clients and needs.

Stone has recently completed her doctorate in school psychology from USF (2018). For the next year (ending summer 2019) she is a psychology resident and supervised by Dr. Elizabeth Magro of Pinellas Psychology Associates. Simultaenously, she is growing her business, Effective Study Solutions and has expanded her team. Please click here to meet the team.

Effective Study Solutions philosophy believes that all individuals are on their own unique journey and does not believe in deficits, just differences, not special needs but special abilities, and that all of us must harness our gifts and our belief in our gifts to thrive in life.

Academic/Focus Coaching: For her coaching clients, she is excited to offer the same services with a deeper knowledge base and will be able to provide another level of help by providing recommendations on how to be a self-advocate, utilizing strategies for varied learning profiles, how to use your strengths, create academic interventions, promote home-school collaboration, and use evidence based organizational and behavioral techniques. For adults and youth, Dr. Stone utilized motivational interviewing techniques and research surrounding self-efficacy and self-determination to help clients reach their self-made goals. If you or your child is seeming to be highly unmotivated, these techniques can be used to see if it will help generate a desire for change within. In addition, consultation for 504 plans and IEP goals is available. Also, for youth, homework monitors can be hired if needed for a family and if there is a group of students that need this sort of intervention, a study space with a study monitor, supervised by Effective Study Solutions can be arranged.

Neurofeedback (NFB): Dr. Stone offers the evidence-based brain training called neurofeedback to help train the brain to work at its’ optimal functioning. Effective Study Solutions uses NeurOptimal, a dynamic NFB system. It is evidence based for ADHD, however anecdotally since using it beginning in 2010 she has seen results for anxiety, symptoms of ASD and other developmental disabilities, dementia, and reports of increases in creativity and mindfulness, as well as an ability to filter out unimportant stimuli (those “to-do’s” you do, but should be doing something else). To learn more about how NFB works please call now for a free consultation.

Reading Intervention for People with a Reading Learning Disability/Dyslexia: Over the past year, during 2017-2018, Dr. Stone has learned to coach students using an evidence-based reading learning disability/dyslexia intervention called Barton (Orton Gillingham based) and will continue to offer this service and will supervise associates to deliver this intervention. She plans this year to also learn Seeing Stars through the Linda Mood Bell approach to dyslexia.

Social Emotional Learning-Promotion of Mental Health: Dr. Stone believes in preventing mental health concerns and most all of her coaching clients receive positive psychology interventions within the sessions. She is now offering specifically, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs for youth of all ages, which have been proven to promote resiliency and are correlated with youth in later years experiencing less mental health concerns and better adjustment to school, work, and relationships. She is offering Incredible Years (early childhood) and Strong Kids & MindUp for elementary, middle, and high-school aged students. She has a specialty in working with youth with HF-ASD, and can tailor these programs to meet the specific needs of any child.


Please check out the links on my website to learn more, and/or call  727-203-4039 to discuss your needs.